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Larry Kim, An Engineer Turned Entrepreneur And The Richest PPC Expert

Larry Kim is an engineering graduate. After the completion of his electrical engineering program from University of Waterloo, Canada, he started working for a software company.

It was during the dotcom bubble, when software companies were mushrooming everywhere. He tried to cash in on the opportunity and launched his own software development agency.

As a business owner, he kept himself restricted to search engine marketing activities and later on he decided to develop his own software for SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to make the entire process easier.

Extraordinary success
Larry Kim also enjoys the status of very rare entrepreneurs, who have succeeded beyond the wild guesses of anyone.

He has not only succeeded in running an early stage startup that became one of the most successful businesses in the United States, which grossed more than $30 million in revenue in 2016.

Larry Kim’s company has more than 120 employees and thousands of satisfied customers.

Larry Kim actually decided to develop software to help customers with PPC advertising and keyword management. The software also helped him in his SEO Consulting work, but in the course of time, it turned out that the software business was more valuable than his consulting venture. So, he focused on to building his new company with venture capital.

The Top 10 Online Advertising Strategies & Trends of 2017 | Larry Kim

Early shock – When more than a dozen investors rejected his proposal for funding

When Kim launched WordStream, he felt that developing software is like building a railroad. It needs time and enormous money. At the time, he had no cash.

So, he visited many venture capitalists, but no one agreed to invest in his venture. The reason cited was that Kim’s project was not well planned and it was just an idea of a kid, with no team, no customers and no product.

Later on, he took the VCs advice seriously and started working on a product. He used his consulting revenues to hire software engineers and marketers.

He asked them to produce a robust software program to help clients with search engine marketing.

Once the product was ready, he approached the venture capitalists again and they were surprised to find him come back.

This time Kim was able to convince them. He impressed them with his seriousness and passionate approach towards the project. He got instant funding and some of his projects started running soon after. The rest is history.

Impressive experience working in paid advertising  

The total Ad-spend on PPC and Google AdWords that he has analyzed so far is estimated to be near $10 billion.

It is obvious that when you work on such large volumes, you must have acquired valuable insights and knowledge. Larry Kim loves to share his knowledge through his blog and also through his keynote speeches at different forums.

Launch of WordStream

Larry prefers to call him a second generation search ecosystem professional. He doesn’t think that he is an established authority in this field.

Larry Kim founded WordStream, his flagship search marketing company in the year 2007.

There goes an interesting story related to WordStream. Kim actually started working on his website’s Adword account, at a Watertown Panera, because he used to get free Wi-Fi services in the area.

At present Kim’s company has around 250 employees and more than 10, 000 customers.

The company is based in Boston and its hottest product is a software program designed to assist businesses and individuals to market themselves on global platforms such as Google and Facebook.

It has earned him around $500 million in revenues. As you know, Kim is said to be an expert in Pay per Click advertising.

His voice on how products can be sold, what types of products can be sold on the Internet and how to capture the attention of your online audiences makes him an authority in his field.

Personally he loves photography, drones and crazy hacks.

Just one year after the launch of WordStream in 2008, he stopped working as a CEO of the company and switched to marketing and product management and started working as the chief technology officer in the company.

Larry Kim Keynote at Affiliate Summit East 2017

WordStream as a TurboTax of paid advertising

According to Kim, online advertising is governed by mathematics and it involves lots of calculations related to conversion rates and cost per click. It has more to do with data and science.

The USP of WordStream is that it works exactly like the taxation software TurboTax of Intuit as it provides you step-by-step instructions on how to proceed.

Be smart and generate thousands of clicks from just $50

Kim is known for his expertise in the field of search engine marketing. He says that sometimes even a small amount of Ad spend such as $50 can lead to generate tens of thousands of clicks and many unexplored opportunities like getting valuable air-time on TV and radio.

Kim’s tips

Kim further says that he has personally run several such campaigns. He says that if the spend is used smartly it can lead to viral effects.

Every entrepreneur has some extraordinary skills and according to Kim his greatest skill is his ability to use different software systems and discover the tricks, techniques, loopholes, and strategies that can appeal to the masses to generate amazing results.

How to gain more traction on social media
Kim says that even the funny pizza images and emojis can lead to more engagement as compared to plane tweets.

Kim’s tips
Kim says that if you want to gain more traction from Twitter, use Emojis.

His secret of traffic – valuable tips

Every successful entrepreneur is a successful and popular blogger as well and Kim is not an exception.  He has his strong presence on social media.

His WordStream blog attracts around 1 million visitors every month.

According to Kim, such huge traffic on his website comes because of the valuable ideas and tips he provides.

People want to learn secrets
Kim says that people like to know the secrets and when he discusses unusual search functions on Facebook that brought results based on unusual signals such as factors including but not limited to user profile and the posts that they had they have liked in the past.

Kim’s tips
Kim says marketing is all about sharing secrets and it makes you an influencer. People get addicted to your brand if you become an influencer.

Personal life
Kim is married and lives in Cambridge with his wife and a small kid. He loves to spend his leisure time doing photography using a small drone. He has flown his drone for more than hundred times without causing any damage or injury to anyone. He loves his hobby because it allows him to unwind view the world with a different perspective.


Ten Phases Of Keith Johnson’s Terrific Career Journey to “Senior Technical Writer”

In 1985, Keith Johnson was asked what he was going to do at college besides just going to classes, by an upper classman.

Keith replied “I am not sure”.

The upper classman said, “Come and work on the student newspaper. We need writers.”

Keith replied “I do not know how to write.” The upperclassman said “No worries. I will teach you.” And he did.

For the next three years, Keith Johnson served his college community as regular newspaper writer and then News Editor of the Willamette Collegian.

That was Step #1 of Keith’s professional path.

In 1992, Keith, after completing an IBM-certified course of study in computing, got a job in Southern Brazil at the International School of Curitiba as computer teacher.

Step #2 in his professional journey

In this position, Keith learned to teach, train, troubleshoot, fix computer hardware and software, and more. He eventually began to develop software on his own, using the C programming language, to create programs for the Microsoft Windows platform. That was Step #2 of Keith’s professional path.

Step #3

In 1996, Keith was hired by Rene Perez and Associates in Miami, Florida, as a technical writer.

In Brazil, as both a trainer and programmer, he had to learn how to document the development and use of computer software.

RPA recognized Keith’s skill and for the next several years, Keith documented the company’s passenger revenue accounting and purchasing, maintenance, and inventory software for aviation clients.

Step #4

In 2000, Keith was hired by Star Media Corporation and became the trainer of its wireless division.

This division had created a Wireless Internet Server (WIS) and Keith traveled to Latin America to train field workers how to manage and repair this server.

Keith used his Portuguese and Spanish language skills during this professional tenure.

Step #5

In 2005, Keith completed his Master’s of Science in Education degree at Nova Southeastern University.

Both Technical Writing and Software Training, in his view, were professional “education” paths, so formal studies in this area would become most helpful.

Step #6

In 2008, Keith was hired by Qpay, located in North Miami Beach, Florida to become its Technical Writer/Trainer.

The company had created electronic payment software for emerging telecoms like MetroPCS, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Cricket Wireless.

Each client needed user guides and training videos, and this is what Keith worked on for the next six years.

Keith was well-respected by all employees at Qpay and was able to become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for executives at times because of his thorough platform knowledge.

Step #7

In 2014, Keith wrote his first commercial technology book called “The Google Productivity Guide”, which shows users unfamiliar with the Google platform how to take advantage of the company’s many free resources – Search, Blogger, Translate, Gmail, Hangouts, and more.

The book sold very well in its first three months at

Step #8

In 2016, Keith wrote his second commercial technology book called “Windows 10 for Seniors and Beginners”, which shows users unfamiliar with Microsoft Windows 10 how to navigate the Operating System.

The book sold well over a year’s time and received many positive reviews at

Step #9

In 2017, Keith was hired by First Global Capital in Hallandale Beach, Florida to become its Senior Technical Writer.

Keith wrote complete user guides for regular and admin users of the company’s Investor and Sales portals.

Keith also composed training manuals for the company’s employees on how to use RingCentral for Meetings and Salesforce for Sales/Prospecting.

Hiring Chief Operations Officer and Vice President, Steve Bernardone says of Keith at LinkedIn: “Keith is a great listener who strives to understand both the project and the audience. Keith is also an expert in training users through a patient and diligent demeanor.”

Step #10

Finally, two months ago, Keith composed his latest and greatest technology book that is now live at in both paperback and kindle formats. Its title is “365 Technical Writing Tips.”

In this book, Keith details tools, resources, insights, strategies, observations, lessons learned, and more about the process of writing technical documents.

The book is not just for Tech Writers, he says. Rather, the book is for all writers, and especially those working with technical content.

Since writing this book, Keith has been featured on three webinars and reviews of “365 Technical Writing Tips” will be out soon by chapters of the Society for Technical Communications in India and the USA.

Keith believes his book can positively impact writers everywhere.

It took Keith twenty years to earn the professional title of Senior Technical Writer.

He started his career in the third world earning a very modest salary and learned on the side while holding numerous jobs and still taking care of his family.

Keith Johnson is a Senior Technical Writer because it gives him a chance to serve the world as an Educator.

Keith says “it is one thing just to record or document something. It is another thing to learn, write, and educate your reader(s) in your document.”

Keith believes strongly in the saying of the American Philosopher John Dewey: “Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself.”

So, the lesson you can learn from Keith’s amazing career journey is — Hard-work and education is the key to success – both financial and personal.

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Brian Dean, a Digital Nomad, Who Is Respected Globally For His Advice on SEO

While searching for proven and actionable SEO advice on the Internet, you might have stumbled across Backlinko.

Backlinko is among the most reputed and authentic websites that provide effective tips about SEO and that is probably why marketers from fortune 500 companies such as Pepsico, Amazon, Samsung and Apple subscribe to Backlinko’s newsletter.

Brian Dean is the founder of Backlinko, a website which always comes on the first page of Google, when you type any keyword related to backlinks or SEO in the search field. It makes Brian Dean an authority in the field of SEO.

However, just like other successful entrepreneurs, Brian Dean didn’t get success in one shot. He has had his fair share of failures before he tasted his first success.

He is a strong advocate of ethical SEO practices and hates black-hat strategies.

Nomadic lifestyle   

He doesn’t stay at one place and live the life of a digital nomad. He has lived in many countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Spain, and Turkey. Currently, he is living in Germany.

He is also an extremely popular blogger at Backlinko. In an interview, he disclosed that it had been a long journey before he ultimately acquired near leadership tag in the field of SEO.

Career story

Brian Dean wasn’t in the field of SEO from the beginning. In 2010, Brian Dean was working as a freelance writer and living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

He was also promoting a few websites and working hard to bring them on top of search engine result pages.

In the meantime, his major client, who used to offer him writing assignments, suddenly laid him off. He fired other writers as well. His site was probably hit by Google Panda Algorithm update.

As a result of the layoff, Dean’s income dropped from $6, 000 per month to just $500. He then decided to launch an SEO agency in Cambodia. Luck smiled on him and he got two clients within a matter of days.

At present, he doesn’t do any freelancing or SEO. However, he is majorly occupied with offering consulting services to many clients. He also keeps himself busy with promoting his authority site and Backlinko.

From Ph.D. Candidate To SEO Guru: Brian Dean Of Backlinko Reveals How He Achieved SEO Success

Challenges of working as a digital nomad

Dean feels awesome working as a digital nomad, but he admits that it can be tough and there can be some major downsides to his nomadic lifestyle.

You might frequently face the Internet connectivity issues even though Internet has reached almost every place on the planet.

At other times, you may also face difficulty in finding a quiet place to work. As he works without a team, often he has to bear the responsibility of everything that goes wrong.

But the rewards of working solo outweigh the downsides and so he wants to remain a digital nomad, even though he is an established entrepreneur now.

Expertise in SEO

As far as expertise in his field is concerned even the most professional marketers and seasoned professionals turn to him to get proven SEO advice.

According to INC magazine, Dean is an expert SEO professional, who knows what he is preaching because he lives it in real life and tests it every day.

Education and work history

Dean didn’t plan to become an SEO professional. He graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in nutrition and his master’s degree from Tufts in the same subject.

He was planning to make a career in academics and work as a professor. So, he applied for a PhD program from Purdue, but he didn’t enjoy that and decided to discontinue his studies.

He wanted to do work as a dietitian, but in 2008-09, the economy was badly hit by the biggest recession of the century.

He got the inspiration to become an entrepreneur from the book “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss.

Tim Ferriss’s book motivated him to create his own information products and he decided to start it with an ebook.

Dean also grabbed a full-time job as a dietitian, but it was interfering with his ebook business. So, he decided to leverage Elance, which is a platform to hire freelancers, and started hiring content writers.

But, he wasn’t happy with the quality delivered by those writers and then he decided to write for the clients on Elance.

This was the beginning of his career in writing and SEO. He was still far from a “4-hour work week” but he successfully managed to pay for his bills.

It was difficult to manage multiple clients at Elance, so he stopped working at the platform and decided to focus solely on writing for Livestrong, one of his major clients.

At that time, niche websites were a major trend and he created content for around 150 such websites. These were one page websites and it was the tipping point, when his interest started growing in SEO.

These niche websites were used to divert traffic to some other websites, acted as affiliate sites or generated revenue from Google AdSense.

Lots of blackhat strategies were in fashion those days and people used spamming to create backlinks along with highly keyword-stuffed content to rank on top.

At that time, even the people who didn’t like blackhat strategies such as Brian Dean were affected by a major Google algorithm update known as Panda. It targeted spammers and black-hat SEO.

Later on, he realized that his sites were penalized not because of spamming, but because of his choice of sites.  He chose a lot of crappy sites, which offered no value to the visitor.

He learnt a lot from his Google Panda experience and decided to enter the world of SEO. He launched his own agency. He also launched Backlinko as a blog site to support his agency in 2013.

Backlinko currently attracts some 2, 60, 000 wizards visits and 50% of this traffic are return visitors.

Dean’s advice for entrepreneurs who fail

According to Dean, failure is quite common among successful entrepreneurs. He admits that he also failed many times and it got worse because he decided to get back on track again without questioning his choice of the project.

So he advises young entrepreneurs to sit down after every failure and introspect as to why they failed. If you honestly question yourself as to why you failed, you will find success quicker and faster.

Dean’s Best Advice for Content Writers

Formatting is an important element of writing that differentiates between content that gets most eyeballs from the content that go unnoticed. This is also very important for SEO.

Your content should be easy to read and understand. It should be visually appealing as well.

Here are Dean’s top three tips to make your content outshine your competition.

  1. Write short introductions. Keep your introductions extremely short. Don’t begin with a story, people may find it boring in the beginning. Just tell them in brief what you are going to discuss in your article.
  2. 1-2 sentence paragraphs. There is a noticeable difference between print version formatting vs. the web content formatting. On the web, people loveone-sentence paragraphs. The readability of your content will likely hit the roof, if you follow this principle.
  3. Bucket brigades. There are some phrases that generate the interest of the reader. For example, when you write ‘here’s the hack that will save you hundreds of dollars,’ the reader gets super excited to read further. Use bucket brigades sparingly in your long form articles.

Sandi Krakowski, a Social Media Influencer, Who Promotes Religious Values at Workplace

Sandi Krakowski was born on March 3, 1964 in the United States. She is a renowned digital marketer, author, social media influencer, Facebook expert, public speaker, and business consultant. Forbes named her as the top 20 influencer in social media in the year 2014.

Sandi is the founder and CEO of A Real Change International, a company designed to help business owners enhance their revenues through social media marketing. She has over 80,000 followers on Instagram and over 300,000 followers on Twitter.

Her entrepreneurial journey

Sandi launched an E-Commerce company Health for You way back in 1996. The website lasted till 2001 and in a small period of 3 years, it had garnered around $4.5 million.

She launched her own company, A Real Change International Inc. in 2009 and it has served more than 1 million customers worldwide.

Sandi is a multitasker and handles many things at a time. At present she is into digital marketing consulting, paid search marketing, social media marketing, copywriting, publishing, speaking, training and education.


Conducting business according to the Bible

According to Sandi Krakowski, corporate life should be taken as a mission for God and should be based on Christian principles.

A Real Change, her own company is a proof that if you take your business as a mission of God and conduct the business according to teachings of the Bible, you will not only succeed but you will thrive and create opportunities for others as well.

The employees who work at A Real Change International actually live her vision regardless of the religion they belong to. They need not be Christians, but the entire philosophy and mission statement of the company is to conduct business as God’s mission to help and serve others.

Most of the businesses find it challenging to consistently make money and attract the right clients. Sandi Krakowski has helped more than 2 million people so far to increase their revenues and help them make more money.

As an author

Sandi has written a book titled “Be More” that offers some 80 secrets to a powerful life. The book is read by more than one hundred and fifty thousand people globally.

She regularly writes for the Entrepreneur magazine and her articles have also been featured in American Express Open, Mashable, Forbes, and BeliefNet, etc.

Her business empire

Sandi Krakowski is a venture capitalist and also a new generation author with revolutionary views. She can be a source of inspiration for millions of entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide as she has built her own business empire worth $20 million. It is important as she has achieved this feat purely through self-taught skills.

She has done a remarkable work by introducing faith at work and she is propagating her thoughts through her teachings and keynotes.  She is promoting an entrepreneurial culture leading to a real change in society.

Women empowerment

Sandi also loves empowering women and prefers to discuss those things which people often deliberately skip during business conversations.

As a marketer and influencer

Sandi is a Facebook marketing expert and has been honored by Forbes as the top 20 online marketing influencer. She is also been mentioned as the top 50 social media influencer.

She is an author with a difference and a speaker with unique views. She is also one of the leading social media influencers and a thought leader. She is bringing in change in the world as she doesn’t believe in doing business without any social or spiritual objectives.

She has already created history by introducing faith at work and empowering women. Many people are now following the work culture and marketing strategies introduced by her.

Struggle and achievements

Sandi’s entrepreneurial journey has never been easy. She started business as a young mom and succeeded in converting it into a multi-million dollar corporation.

At times, she had to face issues both in her personal life as well as professional life, but she never allowed circumstances to rule her life. Currently, she is the president of her own company, A Real Change International Inc. with a turnover of $20 million. She also runs a company named as Sandpaper Tablet Inc.

Sense of self-worth and biggest achievement in life

What gives Sandi immense pleasure is the fact that both of her businesses work in a way that they introduce an element of faith at the workplace. So her vision of helping business owners and employees bring success through basic religious values such as kindness, happiness, faith and other noble strategic principles has already gaining ground.

It has been 21 years, since she is doing business in the field of online marketing and business development. So far, she has built around 11 prominent companies leveraging her expertise in Internet marketing, E-Commerce, publishing, direct response marketing, sales and management, copywriting, team development and leadership skills.

Despite her busy schedule, she manages to find time for her hobbies such as working out, reading books, travelling, hiking and drinking good wine. She is very fond of chocolates. She has three sons, two daughter in laws and a beautiful grandson Luka.

Social media engagement

Sandi has been able to achieve a very high level of engagement on her blogs, videos, and social media properties, mainly because of her passionate approach, strong zest of business, and her dynamic approach toward life’s challenges.

On Facebook she has around 1.4 million followers with lots of interactions. She has also got around 2.5 million views on her videos. On Twitter, she has more than 300, 000 followers with 15 million organic Impressions.

 She has more than 30000 ReTweets, out of which 1500 ReTweets are with comments. The majority of her followers include females which is around 78% on Facebook followed by 52% male followers on Twitter.

Amazing metrics

Sandi has some amazing success metrics to share. She has sold around 60, 000 acupressure mats in just 30 days. She received 36, 000 clicks on her campaign with a 3% conversion rate, which is considered to be very high. The mat was priced at $55.

She also runs her program “Social Media MasterClass” on which she earned 12 times ROI (return on investment). This was a paid Facebook campaign that she ran.

She sold more than 130, 000 copies of her book “#BeMore” by spending just $400 in local ads attracting 10, 000 attendees.

This proves how efficient and social media savvy Sandi Krakowski is. Her achievement including her social, religious and business successes are remarkable and commendable.

[Source: Sprout Social May 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016 and Sandi’s website]

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Neil Patel: From Mopping Floors to Becoming a Multi-Millionaire

The story of Neil Patel can be an inspiration for anyone. Neil Patel is an entrepreneur and Internet marketing expert. He is also an angel investor popular among masses. He has been recognized and honored by both government and corporate bodies for his successful ventures.

President Obama honored him as one of the top 10 influencers below the age of 30.

Making fortune by helping others

Neil’s popularity lies in the fact that he not only makes millions for himself but also for his clients. He has helped many fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Samsung, America Online, HP, Microsoft, GM and NBC, etc.

He is the co-founder of three companies viz. Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics and Hello Bar.  All of these companies are successful. He learnt the secret of business through his maternal uncles, who run multiple businesses. His mother also started a business of home daycare and ran it successfully. If you want to know more about him, you can visit, which is also an online marketing blog.

Neil Patel’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Early life

Neil Patel was born in London in 1985.  He had business running in his genes. His family shifted to Orange County, California, when he was just a kid. At a young age, when kids watch channels like Cartoon Network, Neil used to watch Bloomberg and CNBC.  So from breakfast to dinner, he was learning about business and markets not only through his family members but also through TV channels.

Neil’s early business ventures 

Neil was a good problem solver since his childhood. He used to answer questions and solve arithmetic problems quickly at a young age. His first business venture was to sell burnt CDs and black boxes, when he was just in his High School. Later on, he realized that the gig was illegal, so he left his first venture with a sad state of mind. He also sold tickets at cinema houses, but his first real job was working at Knotts Berry Farm. His job responsibilities at KBF included emptying trash cans, cleaning, collecting trash, and mopping the floor.

He was quite satisfied with this job because it brought him a few extra cents per hour.  Then he started selling vacuum cleaners that were priced as high as $1600 per unit. He didn’t like the job because the first product that his sold was returned within a week’s time. He didn’t think that such kind of sales job could help him become rich. He also didn’t have faith in the product.

In the meantime, his maternal uncle suggested that he can make good money as an Oracle consultant.  The idea didn’t work but at the same time. Inspired by the success of during dot com boom on 2000s, he took a decision to create his own job board and it was later on christened as Advice Monkey. He couldn’t make much money through Advice Monkey but a good thing happened to him – He learnt a lot about Internet marketing in the process and how to bring traffic, when he was barely a teenager.

Saddened by his failure at Advice Monkey, Neil went back to college and took some courses in Internet marketing. His fortune revived, when he got in touch with a company named Advantage Consulting Services, which was into digital marketing.

Neil Patel’s entry into the field of digital marketing

As far as Neil Patel’s entry into the field of digital marketing is concerned, there seems to be an invisible hand of destiny in it. It is not that he was too fond of this subject. In fact, he had no choice.

He created his first website, when he was barely 16 years of age. He wanted to promote his website and therefore he contacted certain digital marketing agencies. But these Agencies couldn’t deliver any results and all his money was wasted. After this, he had no choice but to learn digital marketing on his own. Over time, he became expert at it. However, he had no plans to offer digital marketing services to other clients, until he was introduced to Mike Kamo, who later on became his business partner.

They worked for 7 years together, before the decided to launch a digital marketing agency, but they also resolved that they would accept only those clients that they could deliver actual value and help them achieve their business objectives. So, integrity and honesty became the core values of Neil Patel Digital, the company that Neil and Mike founded together.

Neil Patel: 7 Business Mistakes That Nearly Broke Me 

Neil’s support base and success in business

Neil got divine assistance in the form of three different parties viz. his parents, who offered financial and moral support, Amee and Hiten Shah, who offered business support and Elpac folks who arranged projects for his new venture.

As the chief operating officer of Advantage Consulting Services, Neil made a lot of money by offering consulting services to Fortune 500 enterprises. His parents were instrumental in his success as they invested their entire life savings that was nearly $200,000 in his venture.  He incurred heavy losses that were near about 1 million dollars, when he invested in a web hosting company later on. He launched his own venture named as Crazy Egg, with the money left with him and decided to sell it for 10 million dollars, but he didn’t get good response from the market. So, he decided to run it himself and whoa! He had hit the jackpot.

Neil’s achievements

Apart from being the New York Times bestselling author, Neil has also been mentioned as a top influencer on the web by the Wall Street Journal.

Forbes has mentioned him in its top 10 list of marketers.

According to The Entrepreneur Magazine, he is the founder of one of the 100 smartest companies.

The United Nations has also recognized him as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs below the age of 35.

His uncles on his mom’s side were all entrepreneurs. So, business was not only in his genes but also in the environment he was raised as a kid. Inspired, his mother also decided to launch her own daycare business but it couldn’t last even for one year. His father was drawing an average salary and that’s the reason his family never enjoyed a rich lifestyle, when he was growing up.

His daily routine

Neil wakes up early in the morning and begins that his day by checking his messages, then he does some workout followed by a shower and breakfast and then his entire day is spent answering emails and handling official phone calls. In the evening, he spends some quality time with his family and friends.

His target for the next few years is to bring tons of traffic for nonprofit organizations and help people in need. He deserves respect for his kind efforts.

His success mantra 

Neil’s business mantra is “Regardless of how busy you are, always reserve sometime for your new customer, keep a slot for them and give them your utmost respect.”

Neil Patel’s Quotes

Wealthy Gorilla has compiled a long list of quotes from Neil Patel that can be source of wisdom and valuable business lessons for young entrepreneurs, startup owners and digital marketers. The top 12 quotes are as follows:

1. “I started out in business to make money and I have. But I found that money doesn’t bring you happiness, doing something worthwhile for others, is much more rewarding.”

2. “Do something you are passionate about because it won’t feel like work. This way you will work harder and longer.” 

3. “You can get bitter or you can get busy.”

4. “Knowing how to distinguish between an ideal keyword and the reality of queries will help you to refine your strategy and success as an online marketer.”

5. “If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to learn to blog on a consistent basis.”

6. “Don’t optimize for conversions; optimize for revenue.”

7. “When a designer gives you a bill, what do you see it as? An expense, right? When a designer gives me a bill, I see it as an investment. For me, it is something that appreciates and helps your business grows.”

8. Responding to a question “The biggest mistake you ever made?”

Neil: I lost over a million dollars into a hosting company. It was my worst investment to date. The idea we had was great, but the people who ran it weren’t rock stars. The big lesson I learned… ideas are a dime a dozen, it is all about the people.” 

9. “The key with blogging is to lay it all out there because sooner or later people are going to know what you know, so might as well be the first one to share the information and get credit for it.” 

10. “Create content that teaches. You can’t give up. You need to be consistently awesome.”

11. “A wise man never knows all, only fools know everything.”

12. “Someday is a dangerous word.”


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How Rand Fishkin Went From $25K in 2011 to $12 Million In 2018

Since the early days of web, search has always been a topic of interest among the masses. It has gained even more prominence after the arrival of smart-phones and social media.

A smart-phone is actually a pocket computer that enables you to exchange information in real time and makes it possible for you to communicate across the globe with the speed of lightning.

The rise of Google as a search engine

Ranking in inorganic search has since become a priority for businesses, individuals and brands. Lots of primitive search engines such as AltaVista and Yahoo have almost vanished from the marketplace.

Though they started well, yet they couldn’t keep up with the increasing momentum of the web content.

Google is still a leader in the race, though it was a lesser known search engine at the time.

The meteoric rise of Google became possible because of the relevance of search results it brought to the audiences — Thanks to its powerful algorithms and engineering behind the scenes.  Google makes sure that quick and accurate results appear on its top result pages.

The rise of SEO industry

 Visibility and traffic are the top goals of every business. This might be the reason that an almost parallel industry has grown to game the search engines and it is called the Search Engine Optimization.

The man who redefined SEO

A man named Rand Fishkin was silently watching these trends in the market and he decided to help the businesses become visible on search engines. It led to the foundation of

He realized that people were desperate to rank on top of the search engine result pages. So, he decided to start a business out of it from Seattle, his hometown.

He was into web designing business and knew nothing about SEO, so he started learning Search Engine Optimization through online forums.

He decided to get his feet wet with this new business, but it was not a cakewalk and he started experiencing early troubles.

He hired contractors from outside and decided to get it done in-house. The venture was named Moz and it was born in 2004.

At present, Fishkin is considered an influencer in the field of SEO and his weekly video series known as Whiteboard Friday is extremely popular among the SEO professionals and marketers.

In his childhood, he learnt about marketing and PR from a small business that his mother ran. His father, however, was never interested in the family business and so it was not much discussed in the family.

SEO space had become quite crowded by the time and Fishkin used his PR skills to stand out and get noticed. He even tried wearing yellow Pumas. It’s just like what other folks in the Internet industry did for self-branding.

Joe Pulizzi, the CEO of CMI, is obsessed with orange color. He always wears an orange shirt or t-shirt and it reflects everywhere – his office furniture, his website color scheme, the theme color of Content marketing World, and the cover pages of his books, etc.

7 Lessons That Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Brief biography of Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin was born on July 10, 1979. He joined the University of Washington in Seattle in 1997, but when he was just 2 credits short of graduation, when he dropped out.

He started assisting his mother in web optimization and site building, but the things weren’t sailing smoothly.

He then launched SEOMoz that offered SEO Services and web designing independently. He worked very hard on his brand and in 2006 he started gaining success in his venture.

Soon, recognition came when Rand Fishkin was featured in the best young entrepreneur column of BusinessWeek in 2007. Early recognition came because he solved the puzzle of SEO and simplified the mystery around the subject with his funny and practical approach towards SEO.

In 2005, he was mentioned by Newsweek magazine as he had helped an 80-year old shoe store in multiplying its business three folds by successfully launching its web-store.

In 2014, Fishkin stepped down as the CEO of Moz and Sarah Bird took over. Even after attaining great success Rand Fishkin is quite humble and he doesn’t consider himself a celebrity.

Rand Fishkin has a huge fan following on social media including 411, 000 followers on Twitter alone.

Rand Fishkin’s wife Geraldine DeRuiter is also a popular author and blogger, who is known for her blog “the Everywhereist”. It’s a travel blog where she shares her adventures and experiences related to travel. She is a globe trotter by the way and travels to different countries along with her husband to attend events, meetings and conferences.

Valuation of Moz and Rand Fishkin’s own net worth

Fishkin worked very hard on his brand in the making and arranged a funding of around $30 million in three rounds to run his business. Moz had a valuation of USD 120 million in 2016. At one point of time in 2011, he announced that he had just $25,000 left in his bank account. This melt the industry and his followers and soon investment poured in. According to an estimate, Rand’s net worth is $12 million, at present.

Entrepreneurship, ventures and books

Rand Fishkin is the co-founder of Moz and, a platform for sharing quality content about digital marketing. The serial entrepreneur recently launched Spark Toro, a software company in the making. It is focused on influencer Intelligence and audiences. He has published many books including Art of SEO, Lost and Founder (a guide to the startup world), and Inbound Marketing and SEO.

Rand Fishkin acted as the CEO of Moz for seven consecutive years. During this time, the employee strength of Moz went from 7 to 135 and revenue jumped from $800, 000 to $30 million. Moz now sells Internet Marketing software. He is quite popular among the masses for his Whiteboard Friday series, which is considered as the best SEO tutorials online.

Famous Bloggers

Gina Trapani – World’s Richest Female Blogger and Tech-preneur

A tech blogger, a web developer, a writer, an entrepreneur, a loving wife and a caring mother – what is left for a woman to achieve in her life that perfectly suits the wonderful and amazingly influential personality for entire womanhood – Gina Marie Trapani.

Gina Trapani Holdings

Born and raised in Italian Catholic family in Brooklyn, New York, Gina Trapani is the only female listed among the top 10 richest and most successful bloggers in the world.

She is best known for her foundation stone in the tech world – ‘Lifehacker’ – the self-improvement blog established in 2006 and her net worth from all writing, blogging and tech development arena accounts around $110,000 million. She resigned from Lifehacker in 2009 and moved on to form other ventures.

One of World’s Richest Blogger on the Earth

Professional Career

Gina Trapani – a 43 years old blogging sensation hooked on the internet, especially the social media community through her outstanding write-ups and most of her income sources from reviews and independent ads. She has successfully handled the responsibility of CEO of Lifehacker and later on also became a part of the Gawker Blog Empire and Gizmodo has been her other most significant achievements.

She has also co-founded and built an open source social media analytics service, ThinkUp and Makerbase – an IMDb for digital projects, now acquired by Fog Creek. Todo.txt and Narrow the Gap were two of her side projects as well.

The Brooklyn girl – Gina began her writing career in high school as a writer for New Youth Connections – a magazine for the New York teens presented and published by the Youch Communications.

As an author, she holds three books successfully written and published in her name along with other publications for Harvard Business Online. She also co-hosted the show ‘This Week in Google – TwiG’ with Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis for up to 282 episodes.

Today, she is successfully serving as a Managing Partner at Postlight and shifted to California.

Her official website is and many other online ventures of Gina Trapani are successfully running on the internet.

Awards and Achievements

Being a successful writer, Gina Trapani has received immense recognition in the world of social media, technology and writer’s community. She received the prestigious Rave Award in 2006 by Wired Magazine and was rewarded with the title of the Most Influential Women in Technology by Fast Company in the year 2009 and 2010.

Gina Trapani – In Person

The academic background of Gina Trapani involves a combination of English/Creative Writing and Computer Science. Her talent and abilities brought her to be a professional blogger, occasional speaker, print magazine contributor and a night-time coder.

She is definitely a hard working and intelligent person and always aimed at fulfilling her jobs and responsibilities to the fullest of his abilities. Solving different hacks of life – she understands as her primary liability and this gave rise to ‘Lifehacker’. Hat’s off to her amazing abilities and skills that once she even have managed to write 18 posts a day for Lifehacker blog. This is absolutely terrific performance she gave to make her blog successful and it happened.

Digital Marketers

Top 10 Digital Marketing Experts in New York

Finding good digital marketing professionals, who are experts in their work and have profound knowledge in this field, has become quite a difficult task. Most of them are either fake or incompetent to an extent, to not being able to perform the given tasks accurately.

Choosing highly skilled Digital marketing experts requires a person to have sufficient knowledge about their achievements in this field, their core skills and most importantly for how long they have been working in this domain.

If you are in New York and are seeking the services of a good digital marketing expert, then the list below is a treat for you. This includes some of the finest SEO experts of NYC.

  1. Craig Tuttle

Craig Tuttle is widely considered to be one of the best experts in the field of digital marketing and operates from New York’s Rochester Area. With numerous of his clients speaking positive about his works and rating his services higher than any other people within the same city, Tuttle happens to be the instant go-to person.

His online marketing methods along with the SEO techniques and processes are accepted by the top search engines. Numerous biggest online brands are known to avail the services offered by him. One can avail his services through his website as well as contact him via his LinkedIn profile.

  1. Alan Rabinowitz

He is the CEO of SEO Image, Inc. This digital marketing specialized firm is a Manhattan-based firm and also has its branches in the area of Long Island. They have a reputation for ranking their clients in the top positions of the first search engine result page of any major search engine for their targeted keywords.

Alan has previously worked for many small and big businesses namely Canon, BLT Steak etc. The Wall Street Journal, NBC News, Fox News, The Huffington Post, and many other such media houses have covered Alan Rabinowitz and his works on their special editions. He is one of the most frequent go-to people in the New York area.

  1. Michael Peggs

The third most notable digital marketing expert in the New York area is Michael Peggs, who owns the Marccx Media. This digital marketing agency aims to rank contents of every type – be it blog posts, articles, e-Books etc. He also serves a position in Google as a business development executive. One of his most notable achievements here is the strategic partnership development for Ad Exchange and Ad Sense.

Michael had initially started a career on the Wall Street, only to later join the Silicon Valley Bandwagon. His company’s digital marketing strategies, as well as SEO services, are tailor-made for each individual client.

  1. John Duque

A resident of New York, John Duque is the founder of the digital marketing firm, Duqmarketing. This specific internet advertising, as well as a media company, specializes in social media marketing along with SEO activities. The company strongly believes in delivering quality services to their clients and achieves their digital marketing goals successfully.

John Duque’s works have been appreciated by many industry experts and most of his clients have a lot of positive and good things to say about his glorious and fantastic digital marketing services, delivered with utmost quality and superb craftsmanship.

  1. Denis Pinsky

He is one of the brightest jewels in the crown of digital marketing experts who top the list in New York. Pinsky offers his clients supreme quality internet marketing services that come along with 15 years of varied experiences in this field. Denis Pinsky is a director at Forbes. He is also known to hold the position of Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Savvy Herb along with the Chief Marketing Officer post at Webfia.

He operates in the Greater New York City Area. With the help of a fabulous team that comprises of veterans of this field and a pack of the most advanced modern day technologies, he provides impressive digital marketing strategies as well as tactics that benefit his clients to a higher extent.

  1. Caliph Herald

Caliph Herald is often termed as one of the finest digital marketing wizards available in the New York City region. On August 2012 he had founded his own digital marketing website named Herald Square. He is an experienced campaigner, having previously worked for Acadaca as a Senior Developer and for Complex Systems Inc. as a Java Web Developer.

His company aims at providing elite internet marketing services to clients of different professions and zones. So, be it medical, legal, real estate or any such business, everyone will be treated as a prioritized customer by them.

  1. Khaled Soliman

Khaled Soliman is another fabulous digital marketing expert operating in New York, precisely from the Buffalo region. He had founded his own digital marketing service company, Internet Marketing Elites, LLC in July, 2011. Since then he has come a long way towards establishing himself as one of the most known names in this field.

Earlier, he had also founded another website named, which offered the same services. Soliman has been working in this area for a long time now. He had earlier served as the Marketing Director and the in-house SEO for Global Web Retail from 2008 -10.

  1. Jordan Glogau

Jordan Glogau is one of the top names when it comes to seeking an SEO analyst or a digital marketing expert in New York. He has been working as an SEO analyst in Haiku Marketing since 2003. Glogau is a man, who has loads of experience in the field of Internet marketing and over the years has come up with a pertinent name.

He has acted as an SEO consultant for from 2007-12. Other than these, he has also served the position of a CTO at Preferred health Resources, SEM and SEO Manager at E-commerce Partners, Search Manager at e-Learners as well as CTO for NameEngine.

  1. Miriam Bakker

Miriam Bakker is an alumnus of New York University and is also the founder of The Keyword Agency. This agency aims to deliver digital marketing services to big agencies as well as individual clients. They are known for offering fast and high quality service at the least possible cost. Bakker has also served as the E-commerce manager for St Johns Fragrances under The 1777 Company.

A woman with loads of experiences under her wing, she is often credited as a reliable digital marketing expert in the New York area. Some of her other achievements include working as an SEM Consultant for Russell’s group, and as National Account Manager for VF Corporation.

  1. Norma Annie Hutchinson

When it comes to choosing a highly skillful digital marketing expert operating in New York, Norma Annie Hutchinson is one of the most sought-after names. She is the founder of Global Web Marketing, a digital marketing firm aimed at solving clients’ SEO and other internet marketing problems. Over the years, she has established herself as a truly skilled performer and her achievements suggest so too.

Hutchinson has been credited by Google with certificates in various Digital marketing methods and techniques, assuring her competency and consistency. Hutchinson’s works are appreciated a lot by her clients, with most of them rating her near to the best.


James Patterson, One of the Richest Authors on the Planet

Let me introduce you to James Patterson, the richest author in the world, who is known for selling 9.5 million domestic copies in a year. His total net worth is $87 million.

Background and academics

According to James Patterson’s own website, Patterson comes from a humble background. Born to an insurance salesman, who was a school teacher as well, James was raised in Newburgh, New York. Writing came to him naturally and he started writing casually at the tender age of 19.

After graduating from Manhattan College in 1969, he went on to join the graduate program in English from Vanderbilt University, but soon dropped out. Later on, he joined an advertising agency and started working as a junior copywriter. He was quite hard working and ambitious. Soon, he was promoted as the CEO of its North American company.

James Patterson, 71, lives in Palm Beach Florida and is married with one child. He is ranked 9th in the Forbes 2017 Top 100 List of celebrities.

The richest author in the world

Patterson’s total net worth is $87 million and he is famous around the world for his earnings as an author.

Cracking the James Patterson Code – How the Highest Paid Author Writes 30 Bestsellers a Year

TV shows and films based on his work
Several of his works have been considered for screening on television and adaptation as films. Recently, as a remarkable breakthrough in his career as a novelist, he has signed an estimated seven figure agreement for co-writing his upcoming thriller novel, “The President Is Missing”, with former President Bill Clinton.  It will be the first novel co-authored by Clinton. Its television version will be developed by Showtime. The novel is expected to be unveiled on 4th June, 2018.

Record sales

By January 2016, Patterson had sold more than 350 million copies of his books globally.

He also maintains the Guinness Book of World Records, for the maximum number of New York Times best sellers.

Apart from thriller novels, he loves writing for kids, middle-aged people and youngsters.

10 Questions for James Patterson

His novels

Patterson’s first novel was published in 1976, when he was still working with J Walter Thompson. Initially, he had to struggle to get his first novel published. His novel ended up winning Edgar Award as his exemplary debut novel. In 1993, his novel Along Came a Spider that featured Alex Cross, became his first NYT bestseller in fiction.

In 2001, the movie adaptation of Along Came a Spider featured Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross.  Another movie adaptation of Patterson’s novel Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life was released in multiplexes across the US in the year 2016.

Philanthropic work

Patterson is also known for his extraordinary philanthropic work. It’s majorly focused toward encouraging young children to become avid readers.

Patterson received the following awards

Edgar Award
The International Thriller of the Year Award
Children’s Choice Award for Author of the Year
National Book Foundation’s 2015 Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community
National Parenting Publications Honors Awards
International Reading Association’s Young Adults’ Choices Booklist
London Times Book Sense Children’s Pick
2011 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award, Nominee
Children’s Choice Book Awards
Author of the Year 2010 for Max
Nominee, 2011 Teen Choice Book of the Year (Fang) and 2012

Final thoughts

James Patterson is not just a writer, he is a man with a mission. His passion and hard work to promote reading habits has paid off. He will continue to surprise us in the years to come through his work.

Note: Information mentioned in this article is sourced from James Patterson’s official website,


The journey of J K Rowling from a struggling single mom to one of the richest authors

Born on July 31st 1965, in Chipping Sodbury Near Bristol, England, Joanne Rowling, also known as JK Rowling is a famous British author, who is known worldwide for her popular Harry Potter children’s book series.

Her net worth

JK Rowling is also famous for amassing a fortune of $850 million, which makes her one of the richest persons in the world. On paper, she is considered even richer than Queen Elizabeth II. The source of her wealth is the royalty earned through her Harry Potter series of books of which she has sold more than 450 million copies and also its movie franchise that has earned her around $8 billion. She is also known for her generous charities. She has donated about $150 million to different charities.

J.K. Rowling’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Her struggle as a single mother

Just like other successful authors, Rowling also had her fair share of trials and difficulties in life. You won’t believe it but when she was writing her first book, she was struggling as a divorcee and a single mother in Scotland. Her moment of glory came, when her first novel Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone was published.

With unprecedented response and success of this fantasy novel worldwide, JK Rowling had also become a popular author, who bagged a place in the New York Times bestseller list. She is doing well both in the publication industry and in her film franchise business. In 2016, two of her movies “Where to find them” and “Fantastic Beasts” were released along with the play titled as “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”.

Part of her success as writer is due to the fact that Rowling is able to touch readers at an emotional level.

Early Life

Joanne Rowling spent her childhood in different British cities such as Winterbourne, Gloucestershire until she was nine and then her family moved to Chepstow, Wales. JK Rowling was quite fond of reading books since her childhood. She was always surrounded by books as reading was her passion. You will be surprised to know that she wrote her first book when she was just 6 years old and the title of the story was “Rabbit”.

 Her journey as a writer

She wrote a novel about seven cursed diamonds and the people who owned them, when she was barely 11 years old. In 1990, she lost her mother. In 1991, she moved to Portugal to teach English language. Romance was in the air and she fell in love with a Portuguese journalist Jorge Arantes and got married to him. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter Jessica in 1993. The marriage didn’t last and she was divorced by her husband after a heated argument. This completely changed her life she took her little daughter and moved to live with her younger sister Dianne in Edinburgh. In Edinburgh, she used to write in café’s when her child had a nap.

JK Rowling joined University of Exeter and studied French and classics. Her knowledge of classics came in handy, when she was writing the spells in Harry Potter. She first got an idea for Harry Potter in 1990. She kept on writing for the next five years and planned to write a seven book series on the topic. Her initial work was in the form of scattered notes. In 1993, when she had already written a few chapters of the  book “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, she found herself struggling financially as a single mum.

She shared the manuscript of her book with various publishers and after initial rejections got some positive response. The books saw the light of the day when Bloomsbury decided to publish it in 1997. Rowling, had become an international celebrity writer in 1999, when the first three books of Harry Potter series occupied all the top 3 slots at the New York Times International bestseller list.

J.K. Rowling’s Website

JK Rowling had launched a website Pottermore in 2014, in which she publishes stories and additional information about her book series and movies related to Harry Potter.

J K Rowling calls herself a Christian, as far as her faith is concerned, but sometimes she doubts her faith. She shares a bitter sweet relationship with media. She has taken numerous actions against press and she dislikes the nature of their reporting. Currently, she lives in Scotland with her Scottish husband Neil Murray, her son David (born 2003), youngest daughter Mackenzie (born 2005) and eldest daughter Jessica (born 1993) from her former husband. By nature, she is quiet and introspective and loves her privacy.