Authority Link Building with Real Time Penguin

Google released penguin 4.0 which is the latest update. It is god to know how this affects to the SEO community. It was announced that Google penguin is now running in real time. This means that those who have gone through the non-pleasant ordeal of paying for low quality SEO and still not see any positive results after removing all the spam links are now saved. Just by removing those links was not strategy enough but now they can carry own well because the punitive algorithm update is paid in full.

Penguin is way more granular to add onto that. It is much more advanced so probably it considers individual links unlike the earlier more aggregate process and approach. It is now for us to sit back and watch just how much it will influence sites.

It will be also interesting to see how penguin will work out together with the many factors that Google uses to rank sites. At the moment both panda and penguin are integrated into Google core ranking algorithm. There will be no more notifications for penguin updates since it is now constantly updated as Google is continually used on the web.

About the importance of links, they are still important as a ranking signal as clarified by Google with Google sensations like John Mueller, Gary Illyes, and even Matt Cutts. But it should still be kept in mind not to use the links as the only SEO strategy and marketing strategy as well. As much as links are important for SEO they should not be looked in isolation.

What Google wants in relation to all this should also be taken into account? There are Google recommendations for example; from the penguin announcement we get that Google wants to create amazing compelling websites. From the link schemes pages we see is that creating highly unique and relevant content is and naturally gaining popularity on internet is the best way to compel other websites to create high quality relevant links to yours. Links are mostly editorial votes given by choice so the usefulness and uniqueness of your content really matters if visitors are going to want or be compelled to link it to their readers. Ensure your website is outstanding.

As much as you are creating quality SEO content make sure people are aware it exists in the first place. Build relationships with people who seem to be interested with what your content is about. Be outgoing and build relationships with related bloggers and website owners and find ways you can help each other or yourself to grow from them.  So you need to create something worth showing to people before involving any audience or fellow bloggers. This is how to build your link volume. More specifically you can employ these tactics for building links;

BASIC PROSPECTING – using advanced query operators you may find resource pages and even high ranking directories that are relevant to your product or service. More content on your website is important for it helps you to easily find other sites that are linking to similar resources.

COMPETITOR RESEARCH – you are required to review links your competitors have so you may get sites that may consider linking to your content.

GUEST POST PROSPECTING – It generates exposure for your site but put quality first all the same.

CONTENT AND OUTREACH -Content goes hand in hand with outreach. You should find sites that link to other articles then try to get in touch with the owners to see if they can link to your content.

BROKEN LINK BUILDING – You are to look for broken links on sites that you have discovered has the ability to bring valuable vote for your business

LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS – Choose links that keep you within these local boundaries to build strong ties with local businesses.

PRESS AND PR – A great site should be accompanied by some real world action which will send more people back to your site at the end of it anyway.

Such a unique and clear strategy should be appropriate for you to get your intended results. Determine what the right procedures are for your specific business and its features because some tactics may cause success and failure for different businesses.  Link building should be carried out only as a fine tune in to a good developed content.  Common sense is what should guide you here and often look for the niches available and turn them to opportunities because they are endless.


How to Optimize Your Site for Google’s Mobile Index

Google is officially testing a mobile-first index now and it is therefore of importance to be at par with the mobile friendly trend. The rolling out of a new mobile-first index means that Google will create and rank its search listings based on the mobile version of content even for listings that are shown to desktop users. It will look first on the mobile versions of your website before embarking on the desktop version. It wants the index and results to represent the majority of their users that is mobile users.

Thus the following five guidelines will assist you to optimize your site for Google’s mobile-first index;

Speed – In Google’s Site Performance for webmasters video it is stated that Google aims for under a half-second when two seconds is the threshold for e-commerce website acceptability. It aims at being able to make websites load faster to the satisfaction of users as well as the fact that it aids ranking. To improve speed you need to first optimize images. Very large images may slow down the loading of a website page so try using correct sizes for images. You also need to remove all unnecessary characters from source code but also ensure you don’t change its functionality. Reduction of redirects also helps to speed up the process by avoiding unnecessary reloads. Leverage browser caching because it stores web page resource files on a local computer when a visitor visits a web page.

Don’t Block Css, Java Script Or Images – In earlier times blocking java scripts, CSS or images was rather helpful but times have changed and they no longer drag the site or impose any other negative issues. This is because mobile phones and smart phones are more developed and enhanced to overcome such hazards. Google also needs to see these things in order to categorize them accordingly so don’t block or hide them.

Mobile Design – Nowadays SEO has to known how to use designs to influence rankings apart from the available rank codes and signals. It is going all out to become more of an art than a technical skill so all inputs have to be vastly considered. Mobile design is also an art in itself and it is used optimizing your mobile design site for search can be done if you for one don’t use Flash. It was killed for mobile by Apple since many mobile viewers can’t view fresh elements in their phones so you need to remove them. Opt to use java or HTML. Secondly you need to get rid of popup because a page with so many popup will eventually frustrate the users and finally send them away decreasing rankings. Lastly make sure your design is finger friendly since mobile phones are mainly operated using the fingers. Make sure it is easy for them to scroll and tap.

On-Page Optimization – When it comes to mobile search engine results pages the freedom and space is limited so make sure you make keep your descriptions and titles short and strictly to the point for the GoogleBot to understand your Page faster and also enable the user to understand what your page is about quickly and even better. With thus your page will get improved rankings.

Local Optimization – Google now has a powerful update to the local search algorithm since it is very important especially for businesses that need to build that kind of traffic. In a related research it showed that fifty percent of consumers who carried out local research using their smart phones visited the store within a day thirty four percent who searched on a computer did so too. So it goes without argument that local businesses have a lot to gain from the mobile-first index. To increase your mobile visibility further  you should also include your city and state I the title tag, HI heading, URL, content, alt tags and meta description. Don’t forget to mention your business name, phone and address too.

Taking action now is probably the best idea as Google continues to improve the mobile first index so you maybe in tune and up to date as the improvements are implemented. This will generously improve your visibility in mobile search SEO. Implement it as you continue to discover more about it and in this way you will learn more.



Easy SEO Tricks to Boost your SEO Strategy

When it comes to SEO you can never think you’ve used all kinds of techniques and strategies, there will be always a lot which you missed or don’t have the knowledge about. But to your surprise, there are some smaller chinks in your own SEO strategy, which when corrected could boost your own website or clients search engine rankings to a great extent.

According to a recent HubSpot statistics, around 12 million searches has been conducted per month. So you need to put all your efforts to make your content and business to the eyes of the people, or else what is the point of having a website with all the content, graphics and illustrations but without any visitors.

Often good habits start by eliminating all the bad habits in you, likewise, an effective SEO strategy is all about weeding out all the ineffective practices and going for effective SEO techniques and strategies.

Content is the King

Yes, Content is the King, when it comes to SEO. And any effective strategy starts with dealing with content first and all other techniques come later. Once you have your content right, you can be sure that you created a solid base for your future SEO strategies. So having quality content on your website is important because quality content helps in:

  • Engaging your visitors and increase traffic to your website
  • Increasing your search engine rankings
  • Getting quality outbound links from other websites

Even a lot of famous and established brands commit these mistakes in their product portfolios. It is never enough to have hi-res images of your products or 360-degree view of your products, but what makes your product visible in the search engines is the detailed description of your product. Understand how one would search for your products or what keywords would be used by customers to search your product and try to use those in your product pages.

And simply by adding content to your website doesn’t do any good, unless it is of high quality, interesting and informative. When a visitor finishes reading your content should feel satisfied and not leave confused, without understanding what’s being said in your content.

Quality is also not the only factor that makes a visitor returns to your website, but quantity too. If the quality is good and if a visitor likes your website, he won’t hesitate to come again, and hence you need to add content to your website regularly.

Keyword Research & Optimization

Keyword research and optimization is another important aspect that can boost your SEO campaign to a great extent. Let’s take an example of a very generic keyword like “cat food”. But this keyword is not specific and will be used by only people who are searching for more information about cat food or any news about the topic. But if you go specific and change the keyword to “buy organic cat food” then you are targeting only people who are willing to buy some organic food for their cats. Hence, any keyword should be specific to your company’s products and services. Also, make sure the keywords are worded in a more conventional way than using any marketing jibes into it.

Optimizing Your Site for Mobile

One more aspect in boosting your SEO strategy is to make sure your website is completely optimized for mobile users. According to a recent stats from, people using the mobiles to access the internet has reached around 1.2 billion and every search made in a mobile lead to some kind of action within an hour, as per the statistics provided by Also, another stat reveals the fact that the mobile searching behavior has increased by 43% from last year.

Please keep in mind that your customers / visitors are more mobile than before and use all kinds of devices like smartphones, tablets and even phone watches to access the web. Many established brands have identified this trend and became mobile-friendly a long time back. One more thing why mobile optimization should be on the top of your list is that Google has updated its search algorithm to promote websites that are more mobile friendly when people search using their mobiles. Hence, it is extremely important to make sure that mobile optimization takes a prominent place in your SEO strategies.

Optimize the Speed of your Website

Imagine you are visiting a website and it takes ages to load the home page, what would you do? You would certainly ignore the website and go to another website. The load speed of a website also one factor that could affect its prospects in gaining higher search engine rankings. A recent survey has indicated that around 40% of customers have left the website that had slower load times.

Pingdom is one useful tool that will give a detailed breakdown of every element in your website and how much time every element took to load. With this information, you can easily optimize the elements that takes longer time to load and increase the overall load time of your website. Changing your host from shared server to a dedicated server or a VPN can also significantly boost your load times, if the slowness is connected to any hardware issues.

Earn Inbound Links, Don’t Buy

Having inbound links from many highly ranked websites will definitely boost your search engine rankings. But because of this, no one should indulge in buying links on other sites, as it is against the webmaster guidelines of Google. Also, google has updated its algorithm to detect spurious or manipulative links. And if your site was caught buying or selling links, then your rankings will be brought down to an all-time low instantly. So instead of spending money to buy links, invest your time to create quality content, so that it attracts more visitors and other high ranking websites would automatically link your content for free.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money or use advanced techniques to boost your SEO strategy, but instead take care of smaller chinks then and there can dramatically boost your SEO campaign which could lead to higher rankings for your website and in-turn increased traffic and income for your business.



How to Choose the Best SEO Company for Your Website

In this era of competitive business, it is extremely important that you make all your moves to stay ahead of your competitors. When you are running a website, blog or a store, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can certainly push your business to the next level. There are a lot of companies out there advertising amazing SEO deals and packages, so as a website owner, you need to know how to hire the best SEO Company that would help you meet your business objectives.

 Ask Your Friends


One of the easiest way to find for the best SEO Company is ask your friends, if they have any experience in hiring any SEO providers. And if you find any information about any company that has done them some good work, then it is a good point to start with, and eventually, dig deeper to know more about that company and eventually hire it as your SEO provider.




Search the Internet

google-seo-companyIn Google, when you search for “best SEO provider” or “best SEO Company”, you can see some sponsored ads on the top, these PPC ads are provided by SEO companies, who have invested some money to secure top position in the search results. This also means that they can’t spend money blindly on ads, unless they have a certain ROI. Hence, you can certainly count on them to provide good service.




Organic Rankings

Again with the help of Google, the companies that appear on top of the search engine rankings, below the sponsored ads, are the ones who’ve invested a lot of money to bring their website on top, and it is a proof that they have the talent and resources to bring yours also on top.

Take a look at their Portfolio

One more aspect to find the best SEO company is to take a look at their portfolio provided in their website. Don’t fall for companies who have the logos of big corporate companies, it is a common trick employed by amateur SEO companies to attract more client. Check to see if the companies provided in their portfolio really do exist. But some client doesn’t want their names appear on the SEO company’s website, but the majority of the companies don’t mind getting listed in their SEO provider’s website. It’s also cheap publicity for them. Also, call up the SEO company and ask for referrals or any website URL’s that they worked on earlier.

Take a look at their own SEO

Sometimes if the company is newer, they might not rank on top of the rankings. Check to what place they come in the search engine rankings. Also, check their website for meta descriptions and see whether it is really makes sense. And check how their other pages come up during the search. But this kind of checking can only be made by people who have some basic idea of SEO, and if you have no basic idea and you are just a business owner looking for an SEO provider to optimize your site for the betterment of your website, then just leave this aspect.


The next thing that you need to check is what kind of quote is the SEO Company offering, and if you see that they selling like “10 keywords for $400”, then better you dump that company. A professional SEO company would definitely go through your website thoroughly and make an analysis of your market, business, future goals and latest trends etc., before providing a quote for their SEO services. Some SEO firm may charge you hourly, but would give a detailed breakup of the work done.

Some may charge a fixed fee, but however they charge, professional and experienced SEO firms will provide you with a detailed description of how they tend to approach this task. To make it simple, let’s assume you want to paint your office and ask for a quote from a local painter, and if the painter offers a quote without even visiting your house to check how many square feet of area needs to be painted, then you can probably conclude that this guy will not come up with a good painting job.

Ask Questions

Search Engine Optimization is just not about optimizing for search engines or adding SEO keywords in your blogs, there are many tactics and measures need to be put into place to make sure that your site shows up in google rankings. A good SEO company would take time to understand your customer base, your current SEO position and your company’s goals. They won’t guarantee first page results for a certain period of time. So ask these basic questions to the SEO Company and how the company plans to tackle these issues:

  • How the SEO firm intends in doing the keyword research for your company?
  • Ask them about their optimization program details and schedule?
  • Ask them whether the competitor analysis is a part of the SEO program?
  • What kind of link strategy does the SEO firm propose?
  • What off-page and on-page tactics are they going to employ


We certainly hope that the above suggestion would point you in the right direction to select the best SEO company for your business. The reason one should go for experienced and professional SEO firms may even exceed your expectations and help your business grow to a great extent. But do remember that there are a lot of them who claim to SEO specialists, don’t know nothing about it. So stay away from them and don’t waste your money in schemes like “5 keywords for $100” as these may not help your website, but you are on the risk of getting blocked by search engines.




Pinterest allows one to organize and share media in terms of videos and images around the web. The images uploaded are called pins and may be arranged into pin boards which may be customized and themed and followed by other users who may also like or repin the content shared by their fellow users. These simple tips may be used to optimize the pins for SEO.

  1. Optimize profile

You ought to improve your profile by making fine adjustments to it before you begin pinning. Hand in hand with this is a choice of a nice username that is right and reflective of the content you intend to share. It should be clear, memorable and most importantly it should be able to describe you or how you intend to come out as. This also applies on your actual profile name since it is how you will be identified on the platform.

  1. Optimize boards

Appealing and neatly organized boards are what you should aim for. The titles should be present and as clear as the images should be. You should think like other users when organizing your pins. As much as you may want to add a clever and funny topic think about what the other users are likely to search for in their search entries.  To get a large audience means your pins rankings will improve. Thus you should optimize your titles to make them more discoverable by other users.

Your presence on pinterest should get strong and successful if this is applied.

  1. Optimize pins

Each of your pin is a direct representation of your profile so it is important to optimize them in a thorough manner. Use high quality images and be descriptive as this will further enable your pins to be discovered by the search engines. You can use two images for your pin but more than four images would appear rather crowded so avoid that. You should also go for taller pins since vertically upright pins look better on mobile phones. The amount of text on an image should be minimized to ensure it can easily be read mobile screens.

  1. Focus on descriptions

This is in relation torepining; pins with less captivating descriptions are unlikely to get repined. The descriptions should be thoughtful and specific to help the users find the image they are looking for when they search for it. Your description should be adequate and detailed with a natural flow that is not forced.

  1. Avoid hashtags

What counts is the descriptions and the inclusions of most likely used search words and so you should avoid just dropping hashtags in a haste. The necessity of hashtags on your pin is rather low if on a scale level.

  1. Do keyword research

Performing extended searches will help you to discover the right keywords for your pins. Search on how pinterest works and what users mainly use. Search and note what results top the lists, organization of pins and boards. This will guide you on the general comprehension of the platform as a whole. Find out the keywords that are relevant to your pins and what keywords are automatically suggested when you are searching. You can also analyze the most popular pins and get ideas on how to make your own pins classic and better.

  1. Consider mobile pinterest

Most people have gone from the desktop and are now using the mobile pinterest version. You may want to switch to this in order to have the same experiences as most users. There is a larger number of audience using mobile searching since it is rather convenient compared to other options. Actually more than seventy five percent of pinterest usage takes place on phones and tablets and pinterest is trying to make the mobile platform more and more functional.

These tips will favorably make your pins famous and you will get a large following in the shortest of time. The likes and repins will ultimately increase also and you will in turn get the self-fulfillment you have been missing and motivation to continue uploading images to advertise or inform people in the same easy setup.



5 Local Business SEO Tips to Rank Higher

Most local businesses depend on local customers in terms of market. SEO boosts and widens your marketing range if you are available online through Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Your website showing in the search results is what really counts since it means a bigger audience and thus more potential customers. The following are key SEO tips that you definitely need to apply if you want your local business to flourish.


It is extremely essential to let Google know your basic whereabouts and who are. Your location and the services or goods offered in your business. This information levels up your chances of showing up in search engines when the relevant audiences are looking up the internet. It is also easier for the customers to visit stores that they are sure of the location and those which match their needs.

Mentioning your business name, contact and address with Bing, Yahoo and Google will improve and increase your exposure to consumers. Your local business is bound to rank higher in searches if your website has many reviews from consumers.


With the increase in use of electronic devices your consumers are more in touch with smart phones tablets and laptops among others. The online searches performed using mobile devices has continued to grow over the years in terms of percentage. This only informs you that your website should be created in a mobile friendly manner. This should make it more comfortable for potential customers to access plus it will be something they are familiar with.  In so doing your local business will become more popular in as much as preferability is concerned.


People prefer to use voice search when they are multitasking for example while driving. It is also a simpler option and not to mention, safe especially in the case of multitasking. Google and Microsoft are examples of companies that have launched their own voice assistants. Several people are adapting the use of voice search to find directions and to locate businesses that offer products and services that they are in need of.

This tells as much as you have to use two or more key words or phrases that are more likely to be spoken when optimizing your website instead of conventional key words. Most people use voice search to look up directions.


You will start to see more social posts from Facebook and twitter in Google SERPs. This shows that social media and web content are working together now instead of against each other and this consequently changes the way to go around things for marketers. You will notice that after you search brand name its social media profile from Facebook and or twitter appears in the top of most search results. For maximum visibility you will need to fully optimize each social media page that is entitled to your business.


SEO strategies are constantly changing and if you want your website to be effective enough you have to keep up and apply the latest ones. You got to stay on top of the game to enhance your website optimization. It is easy to introduce SEO in your local business marketing and the results are tremendous.
The moment you apply these easy steps you will find your business at the top of all searches and this kind of exposure is good for growth. You will find that you are at the lead among businesses offering similar products as you and they may want to learn a thing or two from you. Also keep in mind that Google, Bing and yahoo are the major commercial search engines and seek to use them effectively for optimization. They carry most web traffic and your target audience is mostly within this traffic.

You should be creative and your website should be user friendly because you want to attract an audience and you also want the audience to stay and even attract more. Your audience should be comfortable with it as much as you are. Be sure to get back at them in their search queries to create a good conditioned environment for a healthy business.



5 SEO Authority Tips to Rank Videos on YouTube

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google and has an estimate of 92 billion page views per month with about 35 hours of video uploads over a minute. It thus provides huge traffic to different websites and blogs. In YouTube enough views will get you earning good money which is a plus. But to get views you have to build a name first and applying some top SEO tips is just the way to get there. With SEO your videos will be able to be ranked in search results.

You have to learn the tips to make your videos search friendly while at the same time considering YouTube algorithms that are used while ranking videos. One of these is the view time. If a user begins watching your video and stops within the first few seconds this will likely make your videos to be lower in the ranking. You should therefore ensure that your videos are interesting, new, organized and largely captivating.

  1. Title of the video

The title should be written using the keywords that will match with the content of your video. This will help the user to get what they want and also boost your ranking. You should take advantage of the search engine auto complete feature to know the most search queries and incorporate those keywords in your title.

This also applies in the auto complete feature while searching on youtube. In your title you should also use the word video because research shows that many searches for videos include the word video. This will ultimately increase your views. Don’t over word your title though it should be short and precise.

  1. Description of video

The first two to three lines of the YouTube description of the content of your video determine a lot when it comes to the ranking. You should ensure the first lines are specific about what is going on in the video and the theme should also be clearly laid out.

You should also incorporate keyword phrases in your descriptions to secure chances of being ranked. You are also required to use long tail words instead of direct conventional word phrases.  You should ensure that the people who will view your video find the description engaging. Some keywords in the title should also appear in the description.

  1. Naming your video file before upload

This is in relation with the importance of keywords and the chances of your video being ranked in the searches. It is also user friendly to do so since it specifically gives information about what your video is about.

  1. Use closed caption feature

This will show text over the video and it will aid the viewer in further understanding of your video. It is also convenient for many people since it can be translated into different languages. Closed caption gives a video a new way to get higher rank in search engines because of the keywords that are used. Subtitling is also used in the same way for transcription of the audio part of the video. It also helps in offering descriptions for the non-speech part of the video.

  1. Tagging and keyword research

Tags will help your video to get ranking. Use specific tags from your keywords first followed by general tags that will put you at the top of searches. Write the right and wrong spelling of tags for example ‘YouTube’ then ‘YouTube’ and also write your tags in both singular and plural forms. You can also tag a keyword phrase as it is and also the same phrase as single word tags. The Google display planner tool can help you get the important keywords to use because this is important for SEO.  It also highlights searched keywords so you can include those in your title, description and tags.

Doing all these and maintaining the right creativity in your content will definitely send your videos to high ranks. You just need to use relevant words in the titles, descriptions and tags. Adding the right thumbnails will also help to attract a larger audience for your video and this is important for SEO optimization. Use high quality images and sounds to keep viewers watching. Your tags must be consistent and accurate with most important keywords first and also remember to use quotation marks for keyword phrases.



10 SEO Tricks Any Start-up Can Use

Marketing your start-up on the Internet today is a different game compared to what people did a few years back. Even going back two years only, SEO was never the same, something that made it simple to slip past search engines robots and be a winner without considering the intricate statistics of SEO when it comes to ranking your website. Today, the new face of the online marketing game requires a clean strategy if you really want to develop an SEO plan that works, something that is relevant to what search engine are looking for. Just to get you started, here are some of the things you can try are:

  1. Know Your Target Keywords

It is evident that a good SEO research begins with target keywords.  Depending on your demographic and comprehensive SEO analysis of the current and latest search trends, it is easy to determine the keywords that have most traffic with minimal competition. Your aim here is trying to make your audience have an interest for your content, and as any content seller will tell you, this is the foundation step towards building good relationship with your readers.

  1. Are You Mobile Friendly

According to Google recent updates, having a mobile friendly site is a new rule. Many people think that all they need to do is re-designing their website. But, this is not the case. There are several resources online that can make your site reach the mobile-friendly standards without spending a lot of money.

  1. Go for Simple Content

The goal of creating content to market your company is to build a connection with your target audience. Making it simple is the perfect way to pass information to clients who are not experts in this industry. Preferably, your content must be simple so that a customer with no background in your industry will have no difficulties understanding what it says.

  1. Create a Unique Marketing Strategy

A good SEO marketing strategy will help you outline your main objectives towards your target audience. You will know how many posts you need to post per day, what topics to cover, and what next if your content does not give the results you had expected.  It is an ever-evolving strategy, but you also need to be very careful.

  1. Leverage the Power of Infographics

In the past few years, infographics have contributed hugely to the content created and shared on social media. Infographics use the working magic of a graphical presentation and a text-based interface to catch the attention of the client.

  1. Prioritize

Many start-up marketing strategies don’t know how to do this. In any business, time is your most essential resource and to manage it properly; you must know what needs to be executed first and balance it with what will affect your clients most.

  1. Use Social Networking Channels

When it comes to online marketing, social networking is never time waste. Knowing that you won’t be able to cover all the possible avenues is the first thing to developing your strategy. With a good background research will help you know which social media platforms your target audience are, giving you that opportunity of making the best out of the approaches.

  1. Link Building

For you to build a link, you need to know how anchor tags work and to use them when it comes to improving your search engine position. Above all, remember that link relevancy is very important.

  1. Content Relevant Relevance

If you focus is on a certain topic in your niche, try cover every important aspect of that topic. Creating content is a perfect way to attract new users and ensure that your website does not stagnate.

  1. Don’t Forget SEO Analytics

SEO Analytics don’t lie and your SEO Analytics will show if your website is on the right track or not. Even though success is critical to any business, you can use SEO Analytics to know where you are going wrong, as well as what needs to be done next. SEO Analytics can give you the right statics, and they are a perfect guide as to how effective your marketing plan has been and what you can do to improve.



7 SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

You’ve put in the time, money and energy to create a great website featuring creative design, but you’re still not seeing the results you want. What could be the problem? There is a strong chance your SEO strategy is broken and the bad news is that unless you fix it in time, your website will never give you the results you want.

In order to give your website a new lease of life, here are 7 SEO mistakes you must avoid.

  1. Failing to build credible backlinks

Building relevant and quality backlinks is a powerful SEO strategy, yet it is one of the commonly overlooked aspects of SEO. Backlinks refer traffic back to your website from outside sources. Beyond that, Google search engines take backlinks into account when ranking sites. If you want to impress Google, you must not simply create backlinks, you should strive to build credible backlinks.

Here is a hint: a link to your site from authority website such as the Wall Street Journal or Forbes is worth more than several links from little-known blogs.

Still on the matter of link building, you should be acquainted with NoFollow and DoFollow linkbuilding strategies because they work differently. You may need an SEO expert to help you out with these so that you don’t mess up things.

  1. Lacking a publishing plan

 You must have a regular publishing plan to attract and retain traffic, which is important for both generating leads and pageviews. A publishing plan is especially important if you’re running blog as it is a way to keep the audience engaged as they know when to expect fresh posts. As such, if you choose to update your blog daily, weekly or monthly, never deviate from that schedule.

  1. A feature-rich but slow website

Those who use predesigned website templates are more prone to making this mistake. If you are only focused on a feature-rich template with a stunning look, it is easy to overlook the template’s loading speed. With most predesigned template, this is sometimes a give and take in the sense that a great template design will result in a website that drags to load. As such, be sure that you take this into account when building your website because it could cost you a lot in the long-run.

Remember, on the web speed is prized over look. But you still need to strike a balance.

  1. Failing to track performance of SEO strategies

Many marketers do not take the time to review the performance of their SEO strategies. If you do not know what results your SEO campaigns are producing, you’ll never what works and what doesn’t and the consequence is that you’ll never improve. There are several tools out there, some paid and other free, that you can use to analyze the performance of your SEO strategies to get a picture of how your efforts are faring.

  1. Failing to optimize for mobile devices

Mobile optimization is longer an option. It has become a MUST for serious marketers. In any case, you can forget ranking high on Google search results if your website is not optimized for mobile. Besides the pressure from Google with the rollout of mobilegeddon, mobile optimization is great for you because as handsets have become more affordable, they have become the first tools most people use to access the internet.

  1. Poor keyword selection

Keyword is one of the factors Google and all the other search engines look into when ranking pages and posts in search results. Choosing relevant and high-quality keyword is an important first step to start off on the right path with SEO.

  1. Poor and thin content

Content is king has become a tired cliché on the web. But it is a fact that you cannot run away from unless you’re in the business of plotting your own downfall. If you publish poor-quality content that do not deliver value to your audience, your website marketing efforts will never bear fruits. As such, ensure that you churn out high-quality content of reasonable length. If it is an article, know that a 100-word post may not deliver the value the audience is expecting.

Finally, don’t expect to brew the same formula successfully for a hundred years. Search engines get updated and sometimes those updates catch website owners off-guard.  But whether or not you have a prior knowledge of an impending search engine update, you must never let your website lag behind, at least, not for long.



5 SEO Tips Startup Entrepreneurs Should Keep In Mind

If you’ve just launched a website for your startup business and are trying to tap into the power of the web to generate leads and sales, there a few SEO tips you should keep in mind for great rewards.

To give your startup a positive start on the web, here are 5 SEO tips every startup entrepreneur should keep in mind.

  1. Quality content has no replacement

Great content is a powerful SEO tool, yet it’s one of the most overlooked by startup entrepreneurs. What is important to remember here is that you should strive to produce and publish content that will quickly help you build and nurture a strong bond with your audience.

That starts with churning out relevant content that offers value to the audience. People who come to your website have a problem and are looking for solutions. Therefore, it should be your responsibility to offer the solution they seek. From there you can cleverly use your solutions as a bait to turn them into customers.

Poor content will not only mean that you fail to deliver the solution your audience wants, but may also damage your credibility, making it difficult to convert traffic into sales.

For any startup, great content is the easiest way to generate organic traffic, which means that it is something you should give the best shot.

  1. Link building is key but be careful

Link building is another powerful SEO strategy, though not everyone gets it right. That should tell you that if you can excel in link building, you could easily gain a key advantage against your competitors.

Links are some of the factors that search engines look into to determine how to rank a website in search results. The importance that search engines attach to links has sparked a scam industry where people attempt to cheat search engine systems by acquiring unnatural links.

In most cases this involves buying links to your website. But be careful because while link building if done correctly can significantly improve your search engine ranking and generate more traffic, doing it the wrong way can attract huge search engines penalties. The secret is to ensure that your links look as natural as possible.

Something more to remember is that getting links from more reputable sites is worth more than a dozen links from blogs without a reputation.

  1. There is power in going local

If you’re running a local startup business, you would do well if you could give your SEO a local dose. Local optimization is another factor that search engines take into account when ranking sites.

Furthermore, local SEO is vital for increasing local traffic to your website, which should generate more leads and sales for your local business. Unfortunately, for many startups local optimization can be as confusing as a foreign language.

But you can start with local optimization basics such as listing in the local directories. It is a great, yet simple way of giving search engines a clue about what your target market. The other local strategy is locally targeted keyword, but this is dealt with in more detail below.

  1. Select your target keywords carefully

Keywords are the phrases you want to rank well in search engine results. The term phrase is used deliberately to convey the idea that a great keyword should consist of at least two words. Two to four words is a great combination, buy single word keywords don’t perform well.

When selecting the keywords to target, you should avoid too general phrases because they will expose you to brutal competition that is not fit for you as a startup. But you have to strike a balance because again a keyword that is too specific may mean that few people will search for the phrase and that can curtail the effectiveness of your keyword optimization.

Strive to give your keywords a local dose. If you are into local car dealership, a keyword such as “car dealer” can be highly competitive. Instead, think of something like “San Francisco car dealer” for your keyword because this will expose to less competition in your market and niche.

There are free and paid keyword tools you can use to help you select relevant and powerful keywords for your niche.

  1. Develop a marketing strategy and follow it

All the above SEO tips are important and useful for startup entrepreneurs. However, to obtain the best results from these SEO tactics, you need a carefully crafted marketing strategy. It is the marketing strategy that defines your purpose, your desired results and how to obtain them.

Once you have developed a marketing strategy, it should be easy to allocate your marketing resources properly.

In conclusion, there are so many tactics startups can employ to generate leads and sales on the internet. But knowledge of all the SEO tactics there are in the world is of little value if you’re not going to put them into use.