Michael Peggs –The Standout Entrepreneur’s Profile


The world is ever full of stories about tired CEO’s, miserable stars and billionaires.

Without doubts, the question about why are prosperous people so unhappy arises.

Of course, the society currently exalts the famous and rich then honors small things over important ones.

For you to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, you need to place first your sense of purpose.

That is true to entrepreneurs like Michael Peggs who earns from serving others with his businesses.

Here are some of the things that make him enjoy the financial success besides building passion.

Michael, the entrepreneur

As a believer in the well-doings of his business, Peggs helps e-commerce sellers and publishers. The SEO specialist and founder of Marccx Media work with the customers to draw and engage clients.

With an aim to attract traffic, the contents like articles and blog posts get ranked on search engines.

What is more, the conversion rates increase from your site. Like recently, the team with another advertising agency partnered to offer Facebook marketing services to some clients.

He confessed the partnership and tools, organizations, and processes cooperation to be remarkable.

Alongside being an entrepreneur, Michael Peggs is a contributing writer. For some time, he has made several publications to many online publications and blogs.

Some includes the Fast CompanyHuffington PostBusiness InsiderMarketingprofs and The Daily Muse.



The Success Story behind Starting a Personal Business

Michael considers the strength of his business lies on the passion and time of practice at Google. Over the years, the interest in search engine optimization and digital marketing grew.

Yes, the information gathered from people, outside and within Google, influenced the birth of marccx.

The few answers received made him figure out and begin Marccx Media for clear insights. The search experts understand the factors behind Google’s algorithm.

The complete knowledge continues to prove helpful even to the customers.

Like any other service businesses, it was hard to source startup capitals. The old financiers as the investors and banks never help sometimes.

But Peggs used the saved money from the 9-to-5 job and through appeals up to when Marccx Media became self-sustaining.

An Overview of Marccx Media

Many industries and businesses have online customers, so giving solutions is necessary. Marccx Media helps brands become visible thus increased site visits and lead qualification.

The SEO Experts will rank your content and meta-data on the relevant search sites.

In this way, you become accessible to the target consumers of your products or services.

The entrepreneur’s team prides in interacting with partners and meeting the customer’s goals.

The exposure drives the devotion to give you real results in website analytics, marketing campaigns, and sales performance.

For some time the skills get boosted and renewed to push for the hard work.

Company and Staff

The company has a team of three brilliant individuals who work with little supervision.

Michael, believe the employees need to own the jobs for a sense of responsibility for the results.

The created culture empowers all to become risk takers and promote innovations. Well, failures come at Marccx Media, but the team figures valuable solutions.

The New Initiatives Worked On By Marccx Media

With search as the core of the business; both paid and organic the team has current enterprises. There are inroads to social media marketing besides the expanding content marketing sector.

Video planning, creation, and promotion are known to play a significant role in increasing and engaging more online audiences.

Marccx Media is preparing to shift the ways of content consumption. The team believes in continued innovations and encounters in different ways.

The company as well in the recent times launched a website like the EZsitebuilders.com.

Also, the O&O websites were meant to try innovative digital marketing strategies yet to get introduced to the clients.

Recommendations by Famous People

Outside of implausible work codes and specific purpose in Michael, the specialist has high emotional intelligence.

If you have self-understanding, working with the customers and the team becomes smooth and enhanced.

The people business has seen his relations with others and given positive recommendations.

  1. Gerald Ming describes Michael as a big marketer whom he has interacted with for long. The great listening skills match his ability to create high notch content and SEO strategies.
  2. Juliet Hodder says Peggs has proven skills to crack brands fast. Whether personal or for a company, the results will be tremendous and dramatic into real dreams. She adds that at no time will the clients regret involving Michael for a change in the business.
  3. Daniel Barrett, the Network General Manager Hawaiian Islands, also confirms the energy in Peggs. The business abilities give a unique insight in keeping a competitive spirit with others. You will always find pleasure when working with a professional like him in your team.
  4. Albert Ko of Helping Technology Companies Succeed admits Michael is a real entrepreneur. From the previous working place, Google, he showed excellent sales ability. Many big publishers have as well reached the targets all thanks to having Peggs in the team.
  5. Shawn Ranjbaran. The Director of Strategic Partnerships calls Michael a mentor. The career growth got enhanced through the excellent product knowledge. The mastery in the domain top ranks him as the perfect crafting partner, one worth working within your project.

Michael’s Advices

For anyone looking to begin a business in Peggs’ industry, there are simple tips for you.

He says you need to specialize in a particular thing.

Well, knowing your expertise and sharing the visions with plentiful people will help you develop in power.

Like it is in Marccx Media employ, partner, and believes in experts.

In conclusion, all businesses face challenges, so be reminded to overcome. Peggs found it hard to secure first loyal client, but the trick of being everywhere helped.

You can think of offering free services like seminars on your field like digital marketing.

You will be creating brand awareness and also launching your authority, and that is how Marccx Media became a dependable company.


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