How to Create Instagram Ads: The Step-by-Step Guide (2021)


Have you followed the steps for sharing the links on Instagram? If yes, so, let’s begin with unique ways of creating Instagram Ads with the best and most interactive content.

These forms of ads are non-intrusive and do not annoy the users. However, the ratio of engagement at Instagram is greater than any other social media platform.

It offers two types of Marketing:

  • Paid Marketing
  • Unpaid Marketing

Unpaid Marketing

Instagram is purely a photo-sharing platform where you can list your products and build your brand online. Along with that, you can post the pictures of a new collection on the story and paste the link at the Bio. This is how visitors will come to your profile and click on the link.

It will drive them back to your main website. Also, if you hire a professional photographer and video editor, a strong and well-reputed brand impression is bound to get without any investment.

Paid Marketing

Today, we are going to learn how to do paid marketing on Instagram. It gives you a new way to reach out to your target audience and streamline the results and insight to plan for the next move. Moreover, you can run campaigns, boost an individual post, and interact with them through high-quality and uninterrupted videos.

So, let’s discuss the easiest way for creating an Instagram Ad.

#1: Using an Instagram Application for promotion

Despite using a personal account for photo-sharing, you can also use an Instagram Business account to sell your products commercially. Yes, you can create promotions and boost it to an array of visitors to influence their interest and allure them to buy the product.

But, how?

It begins with the selection of post

Firstly, go into the settings and create your business Page. After that, you are eligible to promote any post. If done, then select the post and click on the blue-colored button ‘promote’. Click on it and you will be directed to the Page of Insights. Hover your finger up and down and click on ‘Create Promotion’. Now tap on the right arrow to explore the objectives and list your preferences for releasing an ad.

Fill the details and your objective of an ad campaign

Here, you will get an array of options right from selecting the audience, targeted location, budget, duration of ad release, and others. Insert your contact details, current address, and link of the website for target customers and profile related information.

Selection all the options one by one and insert the required data. After that, click on the action button and choose the best option that suits your product or services.

Interest, Age, Location, and Gender

If you have inserted all the personal information and objective, click on Audience and then tap on Automatic to define your targeted group. In that, select Gender, Location, and Age. Along with that, tick the interest area that will help you in collecting all the visitors of similar interests.

Preparation of Budget

After all this, you have to finalize your budget with consideration to duration. Various options are available and therefore you need to select the one which fits perfectly with your business model. When finish the selection of the budget, you need to make the payment using the available modes and click the submit button. Congratulation, your Instagram ad is ready to roll.

Checking the insight of Instagram Ad

To check out the short-term result, you can visit the post and click on insights. Through this, you can inspect the growth of engagement and impression. On the same page, you have two options – Promotional and Original. If you click on promotional, you will get demographic insight with the age.

#2: Selection of format of the ad

Different types of ad formats are available on Instagram that gives an option to the owners to select the best one. Like, they are-

  • Instagram Photo Ads
  • Instagram Video Ads
  • Instagram Carousel Ads

Instagram Photo ads:

This type of ad is very simple and clear and conveys the message directly to the point. It is an ideal choice if you want to feature or ad for a single item or service. Make sure, it is visually appealing and attractive that reflects a broad level of engagement with the audience. Thus, you would never go wrong with the Photo ads.

  • Suitable for small business
  • Target specific location or local customers
  • Keep the image size with 1.91: 1
  • Add minimal content to the image

 Instagram Carousel Ads

This type of ad is designed for displaying multiple products. It is highly spacious and comes with a square or rectangle format. Various companies keep on adding slides for better visibility and increasing the ratio of engagement. So, have you ever seen the ad of swipe up? Yes, this is the one. It is similar to that of marketing the content campaign and used for providing valuable information to the users.

  • Raises the awareness of the brand
  • Improve the conversion rates
  • Easily finds the potential customers
  • Comes with a full-size ad

Instagram Video ads

This is an auto-play ad. Whenever the user opens the app and encounters this type of ad, he doesn’t have to click on the ad to play or stop. It works continuously without any sound. So, when there is no sound, your picture must bespeak the story that you wanted to narrate.

  • Must last for at least 15 seconds
  • Manage the width with pixels of 600
  • The expected response is possible to get
  • It holds the power of sight

So, out of these ad structures, you need to design the best format that resembles the type of product and the length of the information you wanted to convey.

#3: Creating ads with Hashtags and monitoring the promotion of ads

Do you know that Instagram maintains a 4.21% engagement rate which is far better than Twitter and Facebook?

However, Instagram delivered 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook. This is 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter” Forrester adds.

Releasinga single ad, won’t get your work done. You need to inspect and monitor the results of past ads where you can draw a conclusion based on the boosting effect. For some change, let’s try with Hashtag Marketing. It holds the power of making your post or video trending.

Also, it contributes significantly to building a community that includes your target audience. You can create a buzz with your post to give a cooler-than-cool look.

Keep your hashtag clear and unique. It must be easy to identify and leaves an iconic value over and above. For instance, various companies create a short hashtag for a campaign like #ShareACoke. They use this in multiple ad posts, stories, and videos and also conduct quizzes. However, they often ask the users to use this hashtag to their post and story against a gift or feature to the page of the company. Thus, for your business page, create a hashtag that is-

  • Memorable and meaningful
  • Short and nostalgic
  • Can be used as a part of the content
  • Mention on every link-up post

So, your hashtag must contain all these points when inserting it with the Instagram ads. Do not forget to interact with the users when they use your hashtag in their profile. Let there be zeal and zest with your hashtag. It can be treated as the most effective moment of interaction.

After creating, visit the dashboard and monitor the impact of Hashtags from the Instagram Ad Manager. Check out the cost per action, Results, relevance score, and impression. Know how many have used your hashtag.

The Bottom Line

Now, boost your products to the right audience with an appropriate Instagram Ads. Catch the results, monitor, and evaluate. Continue it, again, and again, to increase the engagement and stimulating the awareness of your brand. Every start-up company and the newly launched product has to pass by this route to let people know about their existence. However, do not forget to create an eye-catching tagline for every ad with a pick-up call to action. This will help you in holding the attention of new as well as existing users.



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